Startup Redesigns the Textbook

A few months ago, as Apple was about to announce its iPad, I mused about how a touchscreen tablet could change higher education altogether. It could double as textbook, notepad, and (with video capability) even lecturer. Once the iPad debuted—and it turned out to just be a big iPod Touch with little multi-tasking capability—that hope was dashed. Well, if you don't mind a less sleek iPad—in fact, one that is at least twice as bulky—that vision of the future coud be here.

Meet The Kno—a two-touchscreen tablet that folds out like a book. You can write on it, highlight on it, watch video on it. If this catches on, it could not only change the textbook industry, but also the backpack industry. Om Malik over at Giga Om is pulling for its adoption over the iPhone.

Check out the video below to see how it works:


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