State by State Most-Googled Map Offers a Glimpse Into the Nation’s Brain

What was on our mind as a nation in 2015?

Estately, a real estate website, has created a map of which topics people in each state Googled more than any other state this year, and it ends up being a phantasmagoric visualization of the national psyche. Some results make sense, like “climate change” for Vermont, or “Miranda Lambert divorce” for Texas, but then you discover Utah’s top topic was “transgender,” Maine’s was “Amy Schumer,” and, for Wisconsin: “What does ‘bae’ mean?”

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Of course this is all in good fun and just “soft statistics,” but it does offer a good view of the year in chatter—what was on our mind as a nation in 2015—from Ashley Madison (Mississippi) to Magic Mike XXL (West Virginia) to water on mars (Colorado). It even looks like one of those sectional drawings of the brain, depicting where memories or cognitive activity are supposed to be housed. Sexuality, terrorism, politics, religion—it’s all there. Here are the things we obsess over, tapping into our devices, hoping for answers.

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