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Steal This Idea: 48 Hours of Nerd Skills Workshops for $30

Learn how to pick a lock, perfect your sourdough starter, make natural (not face-eating) bath salts and dozens more trades in one weekend.

So you're standing around the water cooler on Monday morning, and Joe from accounting asks what you got up to over the weekend. "Oh, nothing much," you reply. "I learned how to pick a lock, how to make ricotta from scratch, and how to make a camp stove out of two soda cans, and that was just Saturday." Such an odd emporium of learning actually exists in Oakland, California. A pair of MIT-schooled brothers, Gil and J.D. Zamfirescu, have assembled a two day nerdapalooza they're calling Workshop Weekend.

Attendees to WW this weekend will have the opportunity to learn all of the above (lock picking courtesy of the The Open Organization of Lockpickers) and so much more. Take one class and it'll cost you $30, or stick around for the all-you-can-eat option and end the weekend as a renaissance savant. The "MacGyver Class" alone seems worth the cost of admission. The brothers, it seems, are determined to feed the curiosity of the Bay Area:

There's no magic to discovering what you're passionate about; if you haven't found it yet, keep exploring. We think everyone, young and old, should have the opportunity to discover that passion, and that belief has driven us to put together Workshop Weekend.


A community-centered weekend buffet of low-cost, low-commitment mini classes is an idea worth spreading.

Photo (cc) Flickr user maltman23

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