Stuntwoman Masters American Ninja Warrior Course Dressed As Wonder Woman

Like a boss.

Jessie Graff is a national hero. Actually, she’s two of them. The stuntwoman has a regular gig on the Supergirl tv show but decided to dress in a Wonder Woman outfit for her appearance on American Ninja Warrior.

And what an appearance it was. Graff completely demolishes the challenge, becoming the first woman to complete the first course. “That’s as good as we’ve seen anyone!” one of the announcers shouts out early in her run.

Seriously, this is a master class in strength, poise and pure athleticism. A former pole vaulter at the University of Nebraska, and black belt in Taekwondo the 32-year-old is a veteran of American Ninja Warrior but truly set herself apart with this performance, offering inspiration for women and men everywhere who dream of taking it to the next level.