Why Do Happy People Make The Suburbs Look Even More Depressing?

There’s a reason engagement photos aren’t normally taken where the couple actually plans on living

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Depending on a given level of cheesiness, a typical engagement photo will most likely feature the happy couple celebrating their pending nuptials by kissing on the beach, in the woods, under the moon, or in front a cool brick wall. But if the point of the photo shoot is to show how excited the pair is to be spending their lives together, why don't they ever show themselves where they will actually be spending that life together? Because it's super depressing. and Strong Towns writer Nathaniel Hood proved as much by staging his own engagement photos with his (then) fiancée. “Engagement photos are either urban or rural," he wrote on his website. "Never the subdivision. Never the cul-de-sac. We wanted to capture the ambiance of the American subdivision."

As of this writing, there’s still no word on what sort of societal commentary the couple made with their wedding photos.

Photos courtesy of Nathaniel Hood

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