Here's What The Iconic Syrian Boy Looks Like A Year After The Bombing

He's looking happy and healthy, but many are questioning the timing of his reemergence

It was almost 10 months ago, in late August, that many global citizens finally put a face to the suffering and bloodshed that had been ravaging Syria for years. That face came in the form of a bloodied, dirtied, and scared-looking 5-year-old boy named Omran Daqneesh. His moving likeness quickly went viral after he was rescued from a fallen building during a battle.

Here’s the image, a screen shot from a video, informing many worldwide of the tolls the war had been taking on those we chose not to see:

Now, Omran has reappeared in interviews, thought by many, including The New York Times, to be part of a propaganda effort by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to sway public support of his campaign. The following video is an interview of Omran and his family which has been shared on Syrian, Russian, and Iranian news networks.

Ten months removed from the trauma he faced when he was rescued, he clearly looks healthier and happier.

However, what’s less clear is what his appearance signifies. Omran’s recovery appears to convey improvements in Syria, but his heartwarming recovery belies many unpleasant truths that still exist off-camera.