George Takei’s Perfect Response To Trump’s ‘Blue-Collar Worker’ Comment

‘I consider myself in a certain way to be a blue collar worker’

via Flickr user (cc) Gage Skidmore and Kevin Cullen

The greatest trick Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has pulled during the 2016 election is convincing blue-collar voters that he has their back. The supposed billionaire has made tons of money screwing blue-collar workers hired for his construction projects. And his ostentatious lifestyle couldn’t be further removed from that of his supporters. Monday, Trump was back at it again telling an audience in Ambridge, Pennsylvania that “I love blue collar workers. And I consider myself in a certain way to be a blue collar worker.”

The best response to Trump’s tone-deaf appeal to America’s working class had to be from Star Trek star and gay rights activist, George Takei.

This wasn’t the first time Takei has taken on Trump during this election. He recently joined dozens of cast and crew members from the Star Trek franchise in speaking out against the Republican candidate. Takei also invited his former Celebrity Apprentice co-star to a performance of his play, Allegiance, about the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Takei was alarmed after Trump said he may have supported the Japanese internment in the 1940s. Takei’s invitation was so Trump could “get a glimpse of what it was like for families like one who were unjustly imprisoned thanks to politics of fear much like the one you’re campaigning on.”