Target Shoppers Are Very Confused About This Strange Logo

by Penn Collins

March 29, 2018

People may be able to recognize Target’s iconic bull’s-eye logo from a mile away, but when it comes to the retailer’s branding for a new womenswear line, customers are scratching their heads as to what the letters in front of them are actually trying to convey. 

Using an acrostic, vertical approach to messaging, the company offers up seven letters that are decipherable — but only after some studying, leaving many guessing that “AND EA WY” is a license-plate style riddle they’re supposed to solve. 


Sure, “a new day” eventually reveals itself, but not in the immediate way that instills familiarity in shoppers’ minds. The italicized font limited to the second word and a trademark logo sitting amid the message certainly don’t help the store’s cause in that regard, either. 

While this attempt may not clear things up, it certainly does let shoppers know they’re not alone in their befuddlement, either. 

For what it may be worth, the new line underscores versatility and a mix-and-match approach to the items offered, so that may explain the stylized font in “new.” Another possibility is that it’s an effort to clue in the viewer to read the logo vertically. But still, if it takes customers multiple attempts to decipher the messaging, it’s not likely to be an asset to the new brand’s launch. 

Instead, many are simply choosing to see what they want to see... which all depends on how hungry they might be when they catch a glimpse. 

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Target Shoppers Are Very Confused About This Strange Logo