Student Gives an Inspiring Speech After Overcoming a Severe Stuttering Problem

“He didn’t have a voice then. He’s got one now.”

via YouTube

Mushara—or “Mushy,” as he likes to be called—nearly dropped out of his Yorkshire, England, high school because of a debilitating stutter for which some classmates bullied him. Stuttering is a speech condition caused by genetics, developmental issues, and neurophysiology. But in his 11th year of school (the English equivalent of a junior in U.S. schools), Mushy found help from his teacher, Mr. Burton. Burton happened to watch the film The King’s Speech, which dramatizes how Prince Albert learned to overcome his stuttering problem, and he thought a technique in the movie might help Mushy as well. Just like in the film, Burton asked Mushy to speak while listening to music through headphones.

After some practice, Mushy’s speech was drastically improved, to Burton’s surprise. “I genuinely didn’t think that would work,” Burton said. “But amazingly it did.” In the video below, Mushy gives an inspiring speech to his classmates about how he overcame his stuttering problem with the help of his teacher. “I want to especially thank Mr. Burton for helping me overcome my stammer,” Mushy says. “This school has helped me improve so much that I do not have enough words to tell you all how.”

(H/T Little Things)