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The 7 Most Awesome Pop Culture Penguins

One World Penguin Day, here are seven awesome penguins in pop culture.

April 25 is World Penguin Day—the day we celebrate one of the most adorable aquatic species known to man. Due to their undeniable charm, penguins have been muse to creators in many mediums, including cartoons, comic books, movies, and music. So in honor of World Penguin Day, here's a roundup of our favorite flippered friends as portrayed in pop culture, starting with the touching March of the Penguins. (And did you know that Looney Tunes actually created a character called "Playboy Penguin?")

But while you check out the list below, keep in mind that out of the 18 species of penguins, 13 are thought to be in decline and five species are endangered due to climate change, habitat and food loss, and pollution. So after checking out the roundup, think about taking action to protect Arctic Penguins from losing their home.

March of the Penguins
This documentary follows the journey of the Emperor Penguins of Antarctica, and is proof that penguins are the cutest of all flippered creatures.

Happy Feet
If you've never seen penguins dance, fall in love, and rap, then you've never seen Happy Feet.


The Penguin
Not nearly as cute as all of the above, The Penguin is a villain in the DC Comics Universe, and known as one of Batman's oldest and most persistent enemies.


Playboy Penguin
In the '40s and '50s the Playboy Penguin, or "Bugs Bunny's Penguin Friend," shared the screen with Warner Brothers' rascally rabbit.


Penguin is the seventh album by Fleetwood Mac, released in 1973.


The Muppet Penguins
The Muppet penguins have popped up in countless Muppet productions over the years. My favorite was in The Muppets Take Manhattan where a group of penguins ask for a job at Pete's Luncheonette.


Opus the Penguin
"Opus" was a Sunday comic strip drawn by Berkeley Breathed for a period from 2003 to 2008. Set in "Bloom County," the strip documented the adventures of the popular character Opus the Penguin, who the artist described as an "existentialist penguin."


What's missing on this list? What's your favorite penguin in pop culture?

Fleetwood Mac image via Wikimedia Commons; The Penguin image via Wikimedia Commons; Opus image via Wikimedia Commons

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