The Cocaine Vaccine and Other Vaccine News

Stories about vaccines—related to everything from cocaine to autism—were big news today.

Today's breaking news seems to be all about vaccines. The most emailed health story at The New York Times today is about a fraudulent study linking a vaccine to autism. Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues suggestion in a paper published in 1998 that:

the MMR shot was connected to autism spooked parents worldwide and immunization rates for measles, mumps and rubella have never fully recovered.


Last May, Wakefield was stripped of his right to practice medicine in Britain. Many other published studies have shown no connection between the MMR vaccination and autism.


Medical News today reports on a new cocaine vaccine:

In the first of its kind, a vaccination may soon be available for those persons addicted to cocaine, nicotine and heroin to help repress cravings and eventually kick the habit.


And vaccines as a "brand" are about to go global. Business Wire India today reports that Global HealthPR announces its expansion today into Argentina, Poland, and Portugal.

GHPR's expertise in is managing public health affairs public relations and brand strategies for innovative health solutions will include companies creating and distributing vaccines.