The Future According to Microsoft

And you know what? I'm pretty excited about it. In general, I love when big companies spend their marketing dollars on grandiose visions of our technological future. And as grandiose visions go, this one is fairly bitchin'.[youtube] favorite part is the re-imagining of the newspaper, at about 4:10. What's especially interesting is the focus on user input. Everything seems to be done with intuitive gestures (thanks, iPhone. Oh, and also, Minority Report), and the only keyboard that appears in the whole video is a digital one. Persistent connections and the seamless transfer of data between different devices are big themes. Also, interracial relationships and ethnically diverse work places seem to be popular in the future, which is welcome news.This probably reminds you of AT&T's "You Will" campaign back in the 1980s. They were awesomely on point on a lot of things-GPS, video on demand, automatic toll booths-but what's fascinating is what they weren't able to imagine. Most conspicuously absent: mobile technology. The woman of the future is still tucking her baby into bed from a video phone booth. A funny omission from the nation's largest cell phone provider. Makes you wonder what will seem silly from the Microsoft video in a decade.[youtube]