The Gates Foundation Gets a Check Up

The Gates Foundation looks at its own progress after five years of grants.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation took its own temperature after five years in the philanthropy business. The New York Times reported that the foundation recently brought all the scientists to Seattle to assess the results and decide who will get further funding. Gates said:

On drawing attention to ways that lives might be saved through scientific advances, I’d give us an A. But I thought some would be saving lives by now, and it’ll be more like in 10 years from now.


Despite progress being made in grant areas ranging from altering the life cycle of mosquitoes in order to curb dengue fever, heat stable vaccines, and adding Vitamin A to fortify bananas, two-thirds of the grants did not get renewed.

The Foundation continues to offer Grand Challenges in Global Health Grants for research projects that will create tools for improving heath in the developing world.

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