The LGBT Community Responds To Trump’s ‘Ask The Gays’ Comment

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In the wake of the horrifying nightclub shooting which took the lives of 49 people on Sunday morning, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been trying to prove to the American people why they’re the best to combat terrorism and protect the LGBT community. This prompted Donald Trump to make another tone-deaf statement yesterday, saying people should “ask the gays” who’s better.

If Trump wanted a positive response to his question, “the gays” are the probably one of the worst groups to ask. The LGBT community has shown little support for the candidate. In fact, a Gallup poll taken last month shows that Trump’s favorability rating among self-identified LGBT people is just 18 percent. Their lack of support for Trump isn’t shocking being that on the issue of marriage equality he’s stated, “I’m just for traditional marriage.”

So after Trump’s comments, LGBT people came out on social media under #AskTheGays to say exactly what they thought about The Donald and the results were pretty hilarious.