The Neighborhoods Issue Cover Project The Neighborhoods Issue Cover Project

The Neighborhoods Issue Cover Project

April 25, 2010

We recently teamed up with Society 6, a new platform for artists to promote and sell their works, to find four awesome artists, illustrators, and designers to create four different covers for our latest issue, The Neighborhoods Issue (on newsstands starting in April 2010). The idea was to represent in simple fashion the diversity and distinctive aspects of different neighborhoods around the globe.

We were lucky enough to work with Lorin Brown, Miss Lotion, The Public School, and Valeriya Volkova; you can see a shot of their process followed by the final version of each cover below. You can also purchase the art, in various forms, here.

Lorin Brown, Valencia, California: "I was inspired by small neighborhood communities, specifically Newhall, which was sort of my starting point. I was intrested in exploring what you may find in these small communities."

Miss Lotion, Copenhagen, Denmark: "The inspiration comes from my own neighborhood—all the people that live in my street, and what I imagine goes on behind the walls of the buildings."

The Public School, Austin, Texas: "Our 'Here Comes the Neighborhood' installation was inspired by a combination of objects familiar to neighborhoods everywhere, and those found specifically in our area in Austin, Texas. Many of the objects reference cultural aspects of our neighborhood that are instrumental in the daily lives of each Public School member."

Valeriya Volkova, Brooklyn, New York: "I think the inspiration was mostly just the color and diversity of my neighborhood, Brooklyn. My work is constantly inspired by the architecture here, the repetition and rhythm of the streets. Although there are usually no centaurs waiting around my bus stop, life here is definitely sometimes absurd, but usually wonderful."

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The Neighborhoods Issue Cover Project