Humpback Whale Shoots A Rainbow From Its Blowhole

Something to make you smile after a tough week

If you’re looking for something to make you smile after a tough week, you can thank YouTuber Visual Burrito for posting this amazing video of a humpback whale shooting a rainbow out of its blowhole. The video was taken a year ago by a drone flown from Visual Burrito’s yacht off the coast of Newport Beach, California.

If you want to go on with your day in a good mood, stop here.

Sadly, the rainbow-spouting whale known by Southern Californians as “Wally” passed away recently and subsequently became the star of some rather bizarre headlines. After Wally died she (yes, Wally is female) washed up on Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles. Wally was towed out to sea and floated down the coast a few miles to San Pedro where, after coming too close to the shoreline, she had to be towed out again. Wally would need to be towed four more times to prevent her from beaching. Authorities in San Clemente, California are now watching Wally’s progress, hoping they don’t have to tow her out again.