The Planet Is Burning! The Planet Is Burning!

The Planet Is Burning!

by Jennifer Hile

January 17, 2009

And changing your lightbulb isn't going to fix it. See what other countries are doing to curb their impact.

China, the world's biggest consumer of plastic bags, has banned them nationwide. Rwanda has a similar ban.German manufacturers are required by law to foot the bill for mandatory recycling of their products and packaging.Sweden pledges to kick the oil habit completely by 2020.The island of Sumatra has pledged to halt the logging of their forests, preventing billions of tons of carbon from entering atmosphere.U.S. venture capital film Kleiner Perkins has invested $1 billion to find and fund the "Google" of clean green energy.Denmark generates 20 percent of its electricity from wind power, making it the world leader.A third of all of New Zealand's land has reserve or national-park status, protecting it from loggers.In what is possibly the largest environmental lawsuit ever, 30,000 Ecuadorians are suing Chevron for massive pollution.After bumping up coastal no-fishing zones from 4.5 percent to 33 percent Australia sees fish populations like trout rebound by 60 percent.
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The Planet Is Burning!