The Groundfridge Is a Modern, Sustainable Way to Store Food

by Tod Perry

March 7, 2016

As a growing number of people are choosing a self-sustaining lifestyle and growing their own food, the question becomes, how do people preserve their produce in a sustainable way as well? Although modern refrigerators use much less electricity than those of a few decades ago, they are still the largest power guzzler in most households. That’s why a new invention from Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek makes so much sense.

Schoonderbeek has created the Groundfridge. It’s an innovative way for people to store their food and a modern twist on the old-fashioned root cellar. Its temperature is dictated by the groundwater and soil on the property, and it stays cool by a process known as thermal inertia. The Groundfridge consumes zero energy while providing the storage capacity of 20 regular-size refrigerators. “I set out to solve this in a sustainable and comfortable way,” Schoonderbeek says. “The Groundfridge is a combination of old and proven techniques in a present-day application.”

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The Groundfridge Is a Modern, Sustainable Way to Store Food