'The Rot Riders' Bike for Compost 'The Rot Riders' Bike for Compost
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'The Rot Riders' Bike for Compost

by Julie Ma

March 17, 2012

Crew member Kyle LaVelle says getting involved in Rot Riders is easy—all that's needed is an ice cream bucket or other container to hold the organic waste. “I was initially drawn to the idea of the Rot Riders [as] community action to close the broken nutrient cycle in our soil,” he says. “I've stayed motivated because we keep things fun. My hope is that more people will get involved, with our project or in their own.” And the concept serves as a model for smaller communities where public works may not yet have gotten on board with municipal composting. 

Though most of the riders are Truman State students, the team is looking for volunteers to expand the group. Bikers, organic waste collectors, and composters are all welcome—all you need to do is send an email to rotriders@kvpermaculture.org.

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'The Rot Riders' Bike for Compost