The Fake Words Everyone Was Looking Up After The Debate

Merriam-Webster is having a field day with America

What’s a Lepo? No, this isn’t the beginning of some weeks old Gary Johnson joke. It turns out a ton of Americans are even less up-to-speed on the Syrian civil war than the oft-ridiculed Libertarian presidential candidate.

That’s because according to the dictionary divas at Merriam-Webster, “lepo” was the most searched for word on their site following Sunday night’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. After a lengthy section on Aleppo, quite possibly the world’s most dangerous city at the moment, it seems people wanted to know exactly what Aleppo is. In fairness, the correct spelling of “Aleppo” was also the seventh-most-searched word of the evening.

Of course, the folks running the Merriam-Webster Twitter account also had to pause to assure (re: disappoint) people with the knowledge that Clinton was not referencing “Stranger Things” when she referred to Trump as “demagogic.”

The top 10 most-searched words, according to Merriam-Webster were:










We’ve really got to hand it to the folks behind Merriam-Webster’s Twitter account. I mean, how often are the social media musings of the dictionary folks really going to light up the public? And we’ll never complain about any opportunity to bring the spotlight back to Stranger Things.