The Unfairer Sex: Women Still Earn Less Money

As you can see from this chart by Alyson Hurt of NPR, which pulls information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women still earn less money per week than men do—on average, about 77 cents to a man's dollar. Although the earnings are up from 59 cents on the dollar in 1963, when Congress passed the Equal Pay Act, there's still a noticeable disparity.

Not surprisingly, "even when you control for occupation and a host of other variables, economists still find an unexplained gender gap of anywhere from around a nickel to a dime or more on the dollar." Female MBA-graduates, for instance, make about $4,600 less than their male counterparts.

The article expands on a few measures (one that Obama signed into law, one that has slimmer chances of making it through Congress) designed to close the gap, and is very much worth a read or a listen.