The (Unholy) Matrimony of Tom Hanks' Son, Wiz Khalifa, and Northwestern University

Rapper Chet Haze pays $56,382 per year to attend Northwestern University. His latest track is sure to make the school—and his dad—proud.


Up and coming rapper Chet Haze wants you to know that even though someone's paying $56,382 per year for him to attend Northwestern University, he has time for kegs, blunts, and books. And he's not going to be sticking around campus for too much longer.

"I'm livin' college life only 'til the world is mine," raps Haze—also known as Chester Hanks, the son of Oscar winning actor Tom.

Haze just dropped his remix of popular Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based rapper Wiz Khalifa's hit song "Black and Yellow". The remix is titled "White and Purple (Northwestern Remix), aptly named after the university's colors. How's that for school pride!