The Yes Men Are at It Again and Need Your Help The Yes Men Are at It Again and Need Your Help

The Yes Men Are at It Again and Need Your Help

by Morgan Clendaniel

July 10, 2009
Those irascible culture-jammers known as the Yes Men are gearing up for a new stunt. You know the Yes Men from such pranks as creating a fake WTO website (which led to several appearances as fake WTO spokespeople) and telling a conference of Exxon-Mobil execs that there was a large untapped oil resource in the world-decomposing bodies. Six months ago, they printed a special, fake issue of The New York Times offering up predictions about what the world would look like on July 4, 2009.Now they are turning their sights to the Cop 15 conference in Copenhagen. According to an email they sent out today, they have a plan "to publicly ridicule our stupidest leaders" about their failure to address the very real and very immediate threat of climate change. That's where you can help, because whatever this mystery stunt is (it involves sewing, that's all we know), it's going to cost money.So, if you'd like to help with the public ridicule, you can donate here. Donations of $50 or more will get you a few hard copies of the fake Times; donations of $500 or more will be considered loans and will be paid back once the Yes Men movie comes out this fall (email them directly if you want to take them up on this loan deal).Here at GOOD, we're pretty big fans of the Yes Men and culture jamming in general (they wrote the introduction to our GOOD Guide to Culture Jamming, in fact). We can't wait both for the movie and to see what they come up with in Copenhagen. Help them out.
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The Yes Men Are at It Again and Need Your Help