Watch the World's Most Remarkable Gifter Watch the World's Most Remarkable Gifter

Watch the World's Most Remarkable Gifter

by Alissa Walker

December 25, 2010

For those of you still hoping to scramble to the mall in these final, fleeting hours of Christmas Eve, perhaps this gifting strategy will inspire you for next year. New Yorker Judee Rosenbaum spends the entire year finding just the right collection of tiny handmade ornaments, flea market finds, and other previously-forgotten objects, which she stuffs into giant baskets to give to her friends. Created as part of WNYC's beautiful Know Your Neighbor series, this short film dives into Rosenbaum's Brooklyn apartment, where every surface (as well as every drawer and every closet) is covered with potential gifts for others. Because she's quite literally handing off her own living space to accommodate her generosity, one could say her entire home is a "gift-in-the-making," as Rosenbaum puts it. You may have spent a few hours searching for "just the right thing" for someone this Christmas, but Judee Rosenbaum has made a lifetime of it.

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Watch the World's Most Remarkable Gifter