This Bike Generates Music While You Cruise the City

Ready to marry your loves of vinyl and biking? This is the bike for you.

Looking for a fun way to marry your love of biking with your epic vinyl collection? If Feats Per Minute, a stylish prototype bike from a trio of Dutch designers, takes off, you might be able to spin your favorite records by spinning your wheels.

The team reconstructed a 30-year-old Alpina bike purchased in Germany for 65 Euro (about $90) to make it as user-friendly and low-tech as possible. Simple alterations to the bike's structure makes it easy to change records, and a few tweaks to the "crank of the bike and the chain" ensures records don't skip. The record screws onto the bike frame with a small cap, and the needle is spring-loaded to keep it steady. To allow (or force?) pedestrians to hear your tunes as you zoom by, the designers installed a megaphone-style amplifier made out of plumbing materials.

The bike made its debut at the recent Dezeen Space Platform exhibition in London. As you can see in the video below, the records won't play evenly unless you cycle at a consistent speed, so practice makes perfect. With its slick coat of black paint, splash of neon yellow on the seat, and hot pink handlebars, the bike promises both visual and auditory pleasure.


Photo courtesy of Feats Per Minute