The Kifer Technic Showroom Adjusts Every Hour To Maximize Its Efficiency

It’s located in Austria.

To control the internal temperature in most buildings one usually turns on the air conditioning, pulls down a shade, or opens a window. But the Kifer Technic showroom in Styria, Austria works completely the opposite. Its facade changes every hour to make maximum use of sunlight and shading to control the building’s internal temperature. Plus, its futuristic design resembles something straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Kifer Technic showroom is used to showcase the company’s medical supplies but people who visit are more apt to be blown away by the building itself. Designed by Ernst Giselbrecht+Partner Architects, it utilizes 112 movable tiles controlled by 56 engines on the building’s exterior. The tiles automatically adjust to show a completely different face each hour or can be controlled manually to suit its occupants’ personal comfort. Although the moving exterior maximizes the building’s use of existing light and shade, it’s difficult to call it eco-friendly because of the massive amount of electricity required to power its 56 external engines.