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This Mother's Day, Take Your Mom to Unique LA

Take mom to the city's largest art and design fair so you can pick out just the right gift that says "thank you for hosting me in your uterus."

Sunday is Mother's Day (you're welcome for the reminder) and you'll no doubt want to take her somewhere special. If you're here in L.A., why not save those ho-hum roses for another holiday—they're just going to die anyway—and take mom on a special outing to Unique LA this Saturday or Sunday. As you wander the hundreds of local vendors that make up the city's largest art and design fair, you can pick out just the right gift that says "thank you for hosting me in your uterus for nine months."

If you're not content to simply buy something handmade for mum, Unique also has DIY stations where you can make a gift yourself. Sit down with our friends at the Craft and Folk Art Museum to make attractive fabric brooches, or join the Craftside table to manufacture recycled wool felted sweater flower rings. It'll be just like the macaroni necklace you made for her in fourth grade. But hopefully much better.

Besides the shopping, there are delectable eats from local restaurants like FIX Cafe and Flying Pig and free cocktails from Hendrick's Gin (mom always did like to shop and drink). Who knows, she'll probably want to go just for the free tote bag designed by local street artist Eyeone, right? Yeah, she's pretty hip.

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