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This Sculpture of Muhammad Ali Is "The Greatest!" This Sculpture of Muhammad Ali Is "The Greatest!"

This Sculpture of Muhammad Ali Is "The Greatest!"

by Alissa Walker

April 2, 2011

Muhammad Ali is larger than life. The famously quotable champion boxer could make a point like no one else, both with his fists and with his amazing extemporaneous poetry. He is widely regarded as one of the most talented athletes of the past century, so any public art piece built in his honor has to be... well, if not "the greatest," then pretty darn good.

The piece will be up at LA Live until April 9. Pair this visit with a trip to the nearby Grammy Museum to see its exhibition on John Lennon, and reflect on how two cultural icons have used their fame and talent to inspire millions.

Visit ReALIze at Nokia Plaza in LA Live

Hear Muhammad Ali's "recipe for life"

Support Ali's humanitarian work

Photos by Erin Wesley; second photo by Oyler Wu Collaborative

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This Sculpture of Muhammad Ali Is "The Greatest!"