This Time, the Pirates Might Have Messed with the Wrong Guys

The pirates have struck again, and this time, they've taken an American ship with a fully American crew. Not that we don't care about all kidnapped sailors equally, but that sound you hear is a lot of U.S. warships chugging towards the Maersk Alabama (it's even named after a state, for God's sake) and maybe some Jack Bauer-esque figures getting ready to meet some pirates. I don't imagine this one is going to end well for them.Check out GOOD's continuing pirate coverage including an article on an organization trying to prevent pirate attacks, some videos on the background of the pirate crisis (here and here).UPDATE: Navy? We don't need no stinking navy. The sailors aboard the Alabama have apparently retaken their ship, with one pirate in custody and the rest "in the water." Excitement on the high seas.The movie will be in theaters summer of 2012.