This Week In GOOD

This week began-rather, last week ended-with heartbreaking news that still irks us. But, you put one foot in front of the other, you know? And, as some Texas residents have shown us, things can always be worse.And things haven't been all bad. One of our wonderful bloggers has made her way to Turkey, and her Village of the Dammed series has thoughtfully examined the multifaceted controversy surrounding the country's Illisu Dam.We were and are thrilled to announce the arrivals of Anne Trubek and Mark Peters to GOOD online.Otherwise, we pondered the drill, paid for smarts, pontificated on the lack of fame for flag-planting aquanauts, and parked the day away.Finally, the economy continued its quest to hit rock bottom, despite efforts of our suddenly Randian-collectivist state. Who is John Galt?