This Week In GOOD

All this World Water Day talk is getting us thirsty. Anyone have a left-over Guinness? If you do, be sure to pour some for your homies at what used to be Bear Stearns. And why don't you pour a little more in honor of the half decade we've spent embroiled in operation global clusterfuck. And a little more for Arthur C. Clarke. And a little more for the state of racism in America. And just a splash more for the U.S. dollar.But don't worry, the week wasn't all bad. Sports Illustratedopened up it's play book for everyone with an internet connection to see. We also learned that it pays to be nice.A few more notes on water: Check out Water Parters Village, a massive online narrative networking endeavor. Also, you might be interested in this water-related documentary, Flow: For Love of Water (it recently screened at Sundance).That's it for today, friends. See you next week.