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This Week In GOOD

May 27, 2007
Remember the last time you got a really bad rugburn? No. Well, it stings. A bit like that whole business yesterday. But one thing that doesn't sting is a long weekend. One of those such weekends is upon us. Here's what lead up to it.Ashcroft: flipity flopity.Laptops: warring.Green Architecture: awarded.Perth: sea-powered.Toothpaste: poisoned.Muslims: in America.The Messiah: now a shark.Coburn: not a Carson fan.Scientific Advances: resisted.Indy Charity: not til Sunday.Star Wars: remembered.Laptops: getting thinner.Bags: getting greener.Whether you're sipping salt-rimmed margaritas by the sea or just meandering the streets of your local concrete jungle, please be safe. We want you back in one piece come Tuesday.Love,GOOD
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This Week In GOOD