A Whole Lot of People Bared Their Feet to Help TOMS Give Away Nearly 300,000 Shoes

The internet went shoeless this month for a good cause.

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On Instagram, there are plenty of photos of people without shoes. Some of them are kicking back on vacation; others just got a pedicure and want to show off. And this month, nearly 300,000 of them bared their feet for a good cause.

From May 5-21, TOMS Shoes' eighth annual One Day Without Shoes campaign asked people to experience what it’s like to go without shoes, even for a few minutes, then post that picture to Instagram with the hashtag #withoutshoes. For each photo posted, TOMS will give a new pair to an impoverished child in the developing world, up to one million pairs. One Day Without Shoes culminated yesterday with the news that 296,243 children in need will receive shoes thanks to the campaign.

According to TOMS, shoes are proven to make a difference, increasing access to education and helping prevent diseases like podoconiosis and hookworms. TOMS’ caters the shoes they give away to the specific needs of various regions—kids in Guatemala facing rainy weather get wet-weather slip-ons; in chilly Jordan, they receive heavy winter boots.

Celebrities, media personalities, and even GOOD staff revealed their toes for the cause.

Almost five years ago, I was sitting on the beach staring at a mountain in the distance and I thought to myself, hey I want to climb that. Somehow I thought going barefoot would be a smart idea. On the walk toward the mountain I somehow conviced two of my friends to come along. After walking over an hour in scorching Spanish temperature we finally made it to the top. Hats off to @TOMS for their amazing campaign. Only a few hours left but for every barefoot photo tagged with #withoutshoes, they are donating a pair of shoes to children in need. Incredible. #tbt #throwbackthursday #icecoldfanta #wanderlust #foreverwandering #getlost #neverstopexploring #goonanadventure #espana #spain #mountain #barefoot #beach #cabodegato #sanjose #apigranada #apistudyabroad #studyabroad #friends

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