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A Trans Singer Recorded An Amazing Duet Using His Pre- And Post-Transition Voices

The track, featuring a high and low voice, was recorded in tribute to the transgender community

Charlie Peck knew that as his voice transitioned from female to male during hormone replacement therapy, his old, higher-pitched voice would be gone. In the hopes of creating a work that at once recorded his transition and growth while paying tribute to the transgender community, he recorded his a song using his voice prior to HRT. Nine months later into the therapy for his transition, he recorded a second vocal track using his new, deeper voice.

The song may be familiar to many listeners; it’s “Home,” originally performed by indie rock collective Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Peck explained his pursuit of the unique project. He saw his voice as a filter through which so many of one’s thoughts travel, and documenting its change during therapy would serve as a record of his journey, stating, “In contact with other humans, the filter through which everything you say is perceived is your voice. I was also really scared that I would not be able to sing any more. With these thoughts in my head an idea about singing as a way to show others my journey started to form. When I contacted my very talented friend, André Åhl Persson, who is also a musician, and he was willing and thrilled to do this project with me this seed of an idea started to grow.”

Though the track has been garnering attention from the public at large, serving as a boon to his music career, he’s insistent that this was done for personal and ideological, rather than professional reasons. He continued, “You are not alone, things can get better and put yourself before everybody else’s expectations on how you should live your life. Now that I have the energy to give something back to the trans* community?this is my heart medicine for those in need.”

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