Truman Show Delusion

We all knew reality tv was bound to have some intensely adverse affect on our functionality as humans, but beyond it being relatively insipid, no one had put a finger on a specific reason it should cease and desist.

Oh, got one! Brothers and psychiatrists from Montreal, Joel and Ian Gold, claim it's been eroding away people's whole grasps of reality. They've diagnosed a handful of patients with a specific psychological malady that causes the affected to imagine they are the "focus of attention by millions and millions of people," coining it "Truman Show Delusion."

From the handful of patients who are now undergoing treatment for the illness at Manhattan's Bellevue Hospital, looks like the most susceptible population is men aged 26 to 35. Gasp... Young, New York men? Suffering from the delusion that the whole world revolves around them?? Based on personal experience, some of us fear this illness might be far more widespread than currently documented.

Via Gothamist