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This Single Photo Shows The Challenges Women Face In America Today

“It’s a joke to ridicule something that boggles the mind”

During his first week in the White House, President Trump signed a bill that greatly restricts a woman’s right to choose. The so-called “Global Gag Rule” forbids healthcare providers outside the U.S. from providing abortion services, or even discussing the topic, if they accept federal funds from America.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the signing of the bill drew particular criticism for the fact that the accompanying photo was of President Trump surrounded by a group of grimacing men. No women required:

So, French feminist group “52” created an image showing a theoretical President Hillary Clinton, signing a bill while surrounded by women, which bans “male ejaculation for non-procreative purposes.”

“It’s a joke to ridicule something that boggles the mind: For centuries, it’s been men who dictate women’s bodies,” a member of the group told BuzzFeed.

The photo creates a powerful, satirical contrast to the very real threats being made against women’s reproductive health. Because it’s impossible for any rational person to imagine a President Clinton, or any president for that matter, signing such a bill. The uproar from men everywhere would be near universal and those responsible would be booted from office immediately. Yet, imposing restrictions on a woman’s body that frankly aren’t too far off from that make-believe scenario barely registers a blip from the mainstream media or lawmakers outside of progressive circles.

And if that painful irony weren’t enough for you, here’s a stinger of nostalgia: In order to get their material for the image, 52 relied on a 100% real image of posting with those women, a group of World War II heroes, in the Oval Office.

(Pete Souzza/White House)

Because while President Trump surrounds himself with dudes shuffling away equal rights, President Obama was someone who celebrated the rights and accomplishments of everyone.

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