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Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Stop Sinking

Those polled believe Trump is “not honest”

Image via Flickr

We have yet to reach the 100-day mark of Trump’s presidency, and already his approval rating has dipped to a historic low, TIME reports. On Tuesday, the 45th president’s approval ratings fell to 35 percent, according to polls conducted by Quinnipiac University. This marks a 2 percent drop from the last national poll released on March 22. Compared to Obama, whose approval rating bottomed out at 38 percent in 2013, Trump has set a new standard for souring public opinion.

In addition to measuring general approval (or in this case, disapproval), pollsters asked Americans what they believe about Trump’s behavior. Apparently, the majority of those polled believe Trump is “not honest,” “not level-headed,” “does not have good leadership skills,” “does not care about average Americans,” and “does not share their values.” On top of all of those criticisms, 52 percent of those polled admit they are embarrassed to have Trump in the White House, and the majority disapproves of his handling of the environment, the economy, foreign policy, terrorism, and immigration. That’s a lot of bad news for a Tuesday.

In a statement, Quinnipiac University assistant director Tim Malloy said, “President Donald Trump continues to struggle, even among his most loyal supporters. Many of them would be hard pressed to see even a silver lining in this troubling downward spiral.” Again, we have yet to reach the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

Meanwhile, Obamacare’s approval ratings have never been better. A recent Gallup poll found 55 percent of Americans now approve of the Affordable Care Act, making it the first time since President Obama signed the bill that it’s surpassed the 50 percent approval mark. This is a big jump from November’s polls, which showed Obama’s health bill had a 42 percent approval rating. In a short amount of time, Obamacare has gone from having lukewarm support to overwhelming approval. It’s no coincidence this spike comes right after the Republican Party failed to present a remotely logical repeal and replacement plan. Hopefully Trump will take these ratings into consideration and reconfigure his strategy accordingly. While it might be interesting for history’s sake, it’s doubtful anyone wants to see what it would take for Trump’s approval ratings to sink even further.

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