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Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ Merchandise Is Sold Using A Canadian E-commerce Company


Photo by TwinsOfSedona/Wikimedia Commons.

Last Monday, in celebration of “Made in America Week,” the White House highlighted products manufactured in each of the 50 states, including Gibson Guitars in Tennessee, maple syrup in Vermont, and California wine. At a White House showcase, President Trump hopped onto a fire truck and proclaimed, “I want to make a pledge to each and every one of you: No longer are we going to allow other countries to break the rules, steal our jobs, and drain our wealth.”

As the Democratic National Committee quickly pointed out, Trump’s support of American workers is completely hypocritical. “Trump is putting his own interests and profits ahead of those of American businesses and workers,” DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel said. “Instead of lecturing us, Trump should try setting an example.” Donald Trump has a long history of making his products overseas and staffing his Florida club, Mar-A-Lago, with foreign workers.

The Donald J. Trump clothing line has ties, suits, dress shirts, and accessories made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras, Vietnam, and India. The Trump Home collection features furniture made in Turkey, Germany, and China. Ivanka Trump’s brand of apparel and accessories are made overseas in countries such as Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. The Daily Dot recently reported that even Trump’s official online store, which boasts products “100% proudly made in the U.S.” uses a Canadian e-commerce company to sell its products.

The online store on Donald Trump’s website uses Shopify, a Canadian company founded by two Germans in 2004. Shopify is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, and allows entrepreneurs to set up online stores on their websites and social media pages. So next time you see someone sporting a red “Make America Great Again” hat or sipping a beer from a Trump inaugural beer koozie, let them know all that American greatness comes courtesy of a Canadian company.

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