Comedy Club’s ‘Trump Special’ Gives Free Admission to Muslims

He invites them to come laugh their ‘Muslim asses’ off without charge.

Mo Fathelbab, general manager of the Experiment Comedy Gallery.

In the months since talking hairpiece, relentless bloviator, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump began his campaign, the world has been witness to the ugliest, most repulsive dredges of nativist racism and xenophobia, and it’s had real-life consequences for Muslim-Americans. But while Trump is running on the promise to ban Muslims from the country, one comedy club manager is welcoming them to his business with free admission. Mo Fathelbab, general manager of the Experiment Comedy Gallery in New York, released a statement earlier this week extending the offer to his fellow Muslim-Americans.

“I am also a Muslim-American, and as you might imagine, I happen to think that Donald Trump can go to hell,” he said. “I want to do my part to bring the Muslim-American community and the New York City comedy community together, which is why I’m making this offer.”

Fathelbab says Muslims who want to take advantage of the special offer will only have to prove their faith by facing the in direction of Mecca and reciting “Al-Fatiha,” the first chapter of the Qur’an.