The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Trump Staring Directly At The Solar Eclipse 

by Tod Perry

August 21, 2017
Photo by Time/YouTube.

President Trump has zero impulse control. That’s why he flip-flops on issues, sends a constant stream of ill-conceived tweets, can’t keep his hands off women, and never misses an opportunity to shoot himself in the foot. Recently, former George W. Bush adviser Steve Schmidt called Trump out for his childish behavior. “Clearly, we have a 71-year-old president of the United States who has the impulse control of a little child, who feels aggrieved, who’s resentful, who’s a constant victim,” he told MSNBC

As someone who has lived on the surface of the Earth for over 70 years, Trump should know that one of the worst things you can do is stare directly at the sun. One prolonged gaze into our solar system’s center of energy can cause permanent eye damage. “The light from the sun is very intense and concentrated into a very small area, and then that light is converted into heat and that heat cooks the retina,” said Joel Schuman, chair of ophthalmology at New York University’s Langone Health. “So you have a permanent area that you don’t see, a permanent blind spot.”

On Monday, when Trump stood in front of reporters on the Truman Balcony at the White House with his wife, Melania, and his son, Barron, he had one job: resist the temptation to stare directly at the sun. Even after a White House aid yelled, “Don’t look at it!” our ever-defiant leader with self-described “very good brain” craned his neck, squinted his eyes, and stared directly into the sun. 

Later Monday night, he’ll address the country on the ongoing war in Afghanistan. 


Here’s what Twitter had to say about it:

Share image via Time/YouTube.

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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Trump Staring Directly At The Solar Eclipse