7-Year-Old Grows Out His Hair For Two Years To Help Kids With Cancer

It grew down to his tailbone

via Twitter

Two years ago, Thomas Moore, a seven year old from Maryland, saw a video on Facebook about a child with cancer who lost all her hair after chemotherapy. So Moore got to work growing out his hair so he could donate it to children who lost theirs to cancer. After two years without seeing a barber, Moore’s beautiful hair grew all the way down to his tailbone. When it was cut, he had enough to make three full wigs.

Moore’s aunt, Amber Ray, posted the before-and-after photos on Twitter and they’ve been shared over 57,000 times and liked by over 110,000 people. His good deed also attracted the attention of NBA player Derek Anderson’s Act of Kindness Foundation and it will be giving Moore an award on October 14th at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

via Twitter