UN to Davos: Don't Forget The World's Poor

So here's something we've been thinking about lately: Given our preoccupation with the economy, what happens to everything else that so desperately needs the attention of world leaders and people of influence? I'm talking about the planet, sure, but also the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people in Uganda, for example. Or the continued human rights violations in Tibet.Turns out Ban Ki-Moon is also concerned, urging said people of influence at Davos to not forget the plight of the poor in these crappy times: "Now more than ever is the time to deliver. Wealthy countries are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in economic stimulus packages. ... Now more than ever the world's poor need your help. Do not overlook them.'' (Speaking of which, did you guys hear about the $20 billion in bonuses Wall Street gave itself while the government was bailing out its firms? Obama summed it up nicely, I'd say, with the word shameful.)