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10 Valentine’s Day Gadget Gifts

Presents designed for the special tech nerd in your life, but that anyone can enjoy

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, here are 10 tech ideas for unique gifts:

The Valentine's Day Recipe App (99 cents in the iOS App Store)

Photo via Flickr

Sometimes, the best gift is a home cooked meal with your special someone. If you’re not much of a cook, or if you’re eager to try something new, this app features 140 easy-to-follow recipes portioned for two. There’s also a special emphasis on dessert with heart shaped cookies and sweet tarts.

Mason Jar Infuser, 8 oz., $19.95

Photo via Williams Sonoma

For mason jar enthusiasts and beverage crafters, this infuser is cheap and easy to use. It’s made of a heavyweight, heat-safe glass and features a stainless-steel pouring spout with a snap cap and filtering straw to “ensure an even pour.” It is also clearly marked for measurement in fluid ounces and milliliters to help with filtering and serving. You can buy one at William Sonoma.

\nLumsing Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank, $25

Photo via Amazon

This is a stylish, pocket-friendly portable charger that helps you charge any of your devices on the go. There are two USB ports, one offering a 1A output and one with a 2.1A output. The best part: if there’s nothing plugged into it, the power bank will turn itself off within a few seconds.

\nMr. Beer 8 Lx Beer Kit, $89.95

Photo via Mr. Beer

While Budweiser managed to piss off many craft beer fans with its Superbowl “proud to be macro” ad, the craft beer industry continues to thrive and each day, more people are trying their hand at home brewing. Mr. Beer provides an 8 liter fermenter, 11 740 mL plastic bottles, caps, and labels, and all the brewing materials necessary to make your own beer, along with a Brewing with Mr. Beer DVD and printed instructions. Additionally, you can reuse the kit for years to come.

\nTurn Your Favorite Picture Into a Portrait, starting at $99.95 for an 8”x10” canvas

Photo via Canvas Arts, Sample family

A nostalgic and unique gift is always a winner. Utilize this website’s service to transform your favorite picture into a beautiful, hand painted portrait. There are various sizes and stylistic options, ranging from black and white to pop art.

\nMint Breathometer, $99, projected to be available in August

Photo via Indiegogo

While skeptics may scoff at this device, singles can rejoice with the “Mint breathometer”, a miniature halitosis-detecting gadget that has almost tripled its fundraising goal on IndieGoGo. When you blow into it, the Mint will count the alleged “volatile sulphur compounds” in your mouth, and then send a message to your smartphone, telling you if you do or don’t “need a mint.” The inventors of the Mint also created the Breeze, which is a smartphone breathalyzer that measures your blood alcohol content.

\nThe Ring, currently sold out

Photo via Logbar

Not the one to rule them all, unfortunately, but this ring, once linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth, makes the user more efficient, allowing one, with the wave of the hand, to turn on a light, call a cab, or operate various appliances at home. The Ring was featured at the CES Innovations Awards last month and has unfortunately sold out, but you can head to and submit your information to get an update on when the Ring is in stock again.

\nDNA Portraits, starting at $175

Photo via DNA Portraits

Custom art takes on new meaning with these portraits. With this kit, you can create a portrait that transforms your own DNA, fingerprint, or even a kiss into personalized modern art. One of these is sure to literally “liven up” any room.

\nPolaroid Socialmatic, $299

Photo via Amazon

Step up your social media and photography game with this 14 megapixels chunky camera. It includes a built-in printer and a separate “selfie camera” that helps you capture any spontaneous Valentine’s Day moments with your loved one. Additionally, the camera is powered by Android and allows you to edit and share photos and download apps.

\nPepper the Robot, $1708

Photo via Aldebaran Robotics

Pepper, a robot launching in Japan this month, is male according to his creator, Aldebaran Robotics. He is small and looks like a cute, blue-eyed cross between C-3P0 and R2-D2. Pepper will not cook or clean, for fear of “disappointing you,” but instead, he’s meant to understand and empathize with you, laughing when you’re happy and frowning when he notices that you’re upset. He’ll even learn to sing your favorite songs and dance for you. He might be the perfect boyfriend, competition for Samantha, the OS voiced by Scarlett Johansson in the movie Her.

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