Video: Idiotic New Conservative Ad Compares Planned Parenthood to Blending Bunnies

A new anti-abortion ad directly lies to people in an effort to destroy Planned Parenthood.


Regardless of your beliefs about abortion, there's no way a thinking person can get behind this new commercial from the anti-abortion advocacy group the American Life League. In it, a voiceover intones, "Imagine the government giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars every year to a company that does this." To those who can't stomach the video above, "this" turns out to be a person in medical scrubs and latex gloves blending a live rabbit. The voiceover then adds, "It does, only they're not bunnies"—cut to a picture of a baby.

The rest of the ad implores people to demand their members of Congress defund Planned Parenthood, which, among many, many other things, provides fully legal abortions.

A couple things here: 1. In no way is having an abortion similar to blending a live rabbit. Even if we ignore the emotional and intellectual differences, the very mechanics of abortions in no way resemble sticking a live animal into a blender. Look it up; it's simply not true, and to equate the two is outright lying. 2. The ad might have been less egregiously stupid if it at least pointed out at the end that, Planned Parenthood also provides birth control, performs STD testing, and gives necessary medical procedures, like Pap smears, all of which are beneficial to society at large. Alas, it did not do that. It said Planned Parenthood kills rabbits.

This is the level of your political discourse, ladies and gentlemen.

via International Monetary Fund / Flickr and Streetsblog Denver / Flickr

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