Video: New Story of Stuff Explains Corporate Money in Politics

In season two of The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard tackles corporate money in politics with this animated explainer of the Citizens United ruling.


Annie Leonard has kicked off season two of The Story of Stuff. Last season she focused on our excessive consumption habits with charming, well researched—if a touch overgeneralized—animated short films. This new video takes aim at "the crisis of corporate influence in American democracy."

The Story of Stuff Project makes a passionate argument that corporate money corrodes our democracy, silencing individual voices in the process. And that this growing trend is all possibly because of a Supreme Court ruling. In a few short minutes you get a concise summary of the landmark Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court decision that opens the doors for corporations to spend even more money on political campaigns.

Like previous videos in the series, this is activist media plain and simple. The most educational portion is about the history and evolution of corporations in America. They're portrayed as robots, who as the law changes, morph into giant, unsettlingly shaped people in the eyes of the law.

For background on Citizens United, The Story of Stuffhas more on their blog including a hefty entry on one particular case of corporate influence: the Koch brothers and their campaign to support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, particularly his plan to eliminate union bargaining rights for public workers.