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Want to Learn More About Fair Trade? Here's a Primer

By making small changes to your everyday purchasing habits you can support a better system of trade.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you care about healthy, sustainable food. You might also care about changing our outdated consumption model that doesn’t seem to be working for people or planet.

We hope that means you’re ready to learn more about an easy way to make a difference with your dollar. By making small changes to your everyday purchasing habits (a cup of coffee, a banana, or a bar of chocolate), you can support a system of trade that promotes better prices and wages, safe working conditions, community development, and environmental protection. Just look for the Fair Trade Certified label.

We’ve developed a new infographic to help people learn more about the Fair Trade supply chain, and what a simple purchase here in North America means for millions of farmers and workers across the globe.

(If it's too small, you can click it for a bigger version!)

We’d also like to share a short video with you from Fair Trade USA’s President & CEO, Paul Rice, to help bring the infographic to life.


In addition to looking for the Fair Trade Certified label when you shop, you have the power to influence the buying habits of your friends, coworkers, family, and even all those strangers who follow you on social media. You also have the power to support the companies that are trading fairly, and to encourage those who are not to make a change.

Please join us to help make Fair Trade the new norm, rather than the exception.

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