Watch Anohni’s Disarming Video for ‘Drone Bomb Me’

The Nabil-directed clip stars supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In the months leading up to Hopelessness, recording artist Anohni’s highly anticipated new album under her new name, we’ve seen a track on the creeping threat of global warming in “4 Degrees,” a powerful essay detailing her decision not to attend the 88th Academy Awards, and now a spellbinding video for the record’s lead track, “Drone Bomb Me.”

The Nabil-directed video stars a tearful Naomi Campbell lip-synching to Anohni’s powerful, soulful voice to tell a story from the perspective of a child whose family is killed by a drone strike. A crew of writhing black dancers join Campbell in a bleak, foggy setting resembling a cross between a dance club and an army base—perhaps striking a parallel between the threat of war zones and the militant brutality black Americans face at the hands of police.

The track was produced by Hudson Mohawke, whose maximalist style can also be heard on the single“4 Degrees.” Mohawke coproduced the new album, which comes out May 6, with Oneohtrix Point Never, an experimental electronic musician.

Listen to “4 Degrees” below.