Watch Artists Explain Their Work to Their Parents

Nine abstract artists sit down with their parents and try to explain to them what exactly it is that they do.


These videos made by Dutch filmmakers Lerner & Sander are a fitting tie-in with this season's Work Issue. Nine creative people working in abstract fields—ranging from a craft-beer maker to a video artist to a photographer—sit down with their parents and try to explain to them what, exactly, they do.


The series, How to Explain It to My Parents?, is at times laugh-out-loud hilarious but also quite poignant, as any person in a creative or technological field has undoubtedly tried to translate the jargon of your everyday life to your elders.


Is this the biggest generation gap of our time? For many of us, the titles we have now didn't exist 50 years ago. You have to wonder whether these parents had the same problems explaining what they did to their parents, and how much trouble we'll have understanding what exactly it is that our kids are doing when they grow up.

via Brainpicker