Here’s What Happens When Art, Science, And Watermelons Collide.

They thought it would explode. Instead, this watermelon helped create a beautifully organic piece of art.

image via youtube screen capture

Not all great artists set out to make great arts. Some just want to blow stuff up.

Case in point, internet personality “The Backyard Scientist,” who has built a popular youtube channel based largely on, well, blowing things up in his backyard...using science!

In his latest video, The Backyard Scientist appears decked out in a heavy apron, gloves, and welding mask, ready to do some serious science. The plan, he explains, is to pour a measure of liquid aluminum into a cored watermelon. He expects the fruit will explode from the intense heat of the molten metal. What we get instead is a perfect combination of science and art.

Take a look:

This isn’t the first aluminum pour to result in a gorgeous natural sculpture. Youtubers Anthill Art have racked up millions of views with their videos depicting the complex inner workings of fire, carpenter, and field ant hills inverted into H.R. Gieger-esque metallic structures.

Still, there’s something wonderful about watching the glee spread across the faces the Backyard Scientist and his partner as they realize their failed explosion is, in fact, a beautifully organic work of art.

No matter how bad it might smell.

[via boing boing]