Welcome To The Future Of GOOD

GOOD Readers-welcome to GOOD's website newest and most exciting iteration. As you can see, there are some changes. All of our second issue is now online. Some cool new features. To help you navigate, you can really helpfully search, and you can filter by category. We've also added tons of exciting features to get you all more involved in our website. You can vote on any story by clicking "It's GOOD." You can comment on any story, not just blog posts. You get your own page that you can customize, and you can even write your own blog for other people to see there.

To do anything of these things you need to register It's fast. It's easy. It's painless, and it makes you an even stronger member of our GOOD community. If you are already a subscriber, or receive our newsletter, you're probably already in our system. Just enter your email on the registration page.

Welcome to the new GOOD. Keep checking back for more and more cool things.